Which earring shape suits you?

Part 2

Following on from last weeks article, Angela Daniels Jewellery continues with our guide on choosing earrings according to certain face shapes. Read this short guide and hopefully it can help you wear the correct earrings, ones that compliment your face shape, not clash with it.



A “square” face is one in which the forehead, cheeks and jaw are all the same width. Because of this shape, you should contrast it with earrings that are round or curved. If you have a square shaped face, then avoid earrings with sharpe, angular curves. Hoop earrings, teardrop shaped or even multi-tiered earrings will help lengthen your face and take the sharpness away from it.



This is similar to the square shaped face, but longer in length. Because of this length, you need to avoid long earrings, as these will just add to the features of your face. And also like those with a square face, avoid earrings with sharp angular look. Instead you should go for thick, wide earrings with rounded edges.


To sum up…

Basically, figure out what type of face shape you have, and then go the opposite with your earrings. Short earrings will bring your face in, making it look fuller and rounder. Longer earrings will elongate you face, and make it look thinner. Stud earrings are great as a minimalist move, and will bring our the natural shape of your face no matter what.

But above all, earrings are personal! They should represent you and how you feel. If you’re feeling quirky today, then don’t be afraid to show it! Earrings with jewels, feathers or cool patterns can bring out your personality, and give you a confidence boost. Beware though, never wear earrings that are too heavy. They can stretch your earlobe and give your ears permanent damage, making it difficult for you to wear earrings in the future.

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