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Quality diamond earrings in Auckland from Angela Daniel

At Angela Daniel Jewellery, Auckland, we only sell quality diamond earrings. Diamonds are not just a precious stone, but a symbol of class, elegance and taste. Our diamond earrings follow the “four C’s” of quality; Carat, clarity, colour and cut. It is these four things that combine to create the quality of the diamond.

A carat is a unit of measurement by which diamonds are measured, with one carat being equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. Because large diamonds are found less commonly than small diamonds, the price of a diamond rises exponentially with its size.

When we talk of a diamond’s clarity, we are referring degree of marks within the stone. Almost all diamonds with have small, inner flaws of some sort, it’s very rare to find a flawless diamond. The clarity of the stone is determined by the size, visibility and number of these blemishes. The less of these “inclusions” the brighter and clearer your diamond earrings will shine! Every diamond is formed uniquely within the earth of millions of years, and as such each will be different. No two are the same, and that’s something you can reply on to make your pair of earrings unique, just like you.

When jewellers speak of a diamond’s colour, they are actually referring to the absence of colour in white diamonds. A diamond’s colour is a result of it’s chemical composition and it never changes over time. Because a colourless diamond, allows more light to pass through it than a coloured one (in the same way glass does), colourless diamonds emit more sparkle & shine. Again, because of the incredible and complex formation process, truly colourless diamonds are extremely rare, therefore, the whiter a diamond is, the more valuable.

The cut of a diamond is probably the most important of the “four C’s”. Not to be confused with the shape of the diamond, the cut is all about the way light interacts within the stone. If a diamond is cut correctly, because of the angles inside, light will bounce around and then return to the eye, making the sparkle almost seem to come from the inside out. A pair of diamond earrings that are cut properly will shine from your ears from across the room!

There are many different styles of earrings to choose from.

So if you’re looking for a pair of quality diamond earrings in Auckland, then give Angela Daniels a call today and book an appointment,

Unique diamond earring designs- the perfect gift

Unique diamond earring designs are just a click away with Angela Daniels. If you are looking for a special  gift for that special someone, or you want to treat yourself, then why not have have a pair of unique diamond earrings designed.

Here at Anglea Daniels, we offer a large variety of beautiful gemstone earrings. From petite studs to large ostentatious loops, we can create unique diamond earring designs for you. Designed to fit the shape and style of your features and made to fit your ear, these unique earrings are the perfect gift. The grace and elegance that come with beautiful earrings can be yours.

Or if you have an old pair of earrings that you’d liked restored or redesigned, then call in and see us. We can take that precious family heirloom and turn it into something modern and stylish. Our outstanding craftsmanship ensures that you can own unique diamond earring designs without breaking the bank.

Our expert team of designers will sit you down for an informal chat to get the feel of what it is you’re looking for in your unique diamond earrings. Having an idea of what you’re after, we will create some designs for your approval before going ahead and making the perfect unique diamond earring designs for you.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, then what could be better than a pair of uniquely designed diamond earrings? Imagine the look of joy on your loved ones face when you present them with specially designed jewellery made exclusively for them. It’s the kind of gift that won’t be forgotten any time soon! What could make her feel more special than a pair of earrings made just for her?

18kt white gold

18kt white gold

So to make the perfect gift for the perfect girl, give Angel Daniels a call today. We can design and deliver unique diamond erring designs to suit your needs.

The Remarkable Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds have always held a special place in Humanity’s heart. And while Naturally formed diamonds are expensive to mine, cut and buy, Scientists having been producing diamonds in the lab since the 1950s. This short video shows how they do it, and what uses these man-made diamonds are put to.


If you’re looking for Diamond Earrings, then come to Angela Daniels. We’ll find the perfect earrings for the perfect occasion.

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